Utilizing the latest in fabrication technologies, we are able to build anything up to our clients’ exact specifications and requirements with much less time spent in between the design and production phase.




Provide 4ft x 8ft wide working area. Able to work on material such as acrylic sheet, solid wood, formica and MDF Board. Refinement continue to be made in edges, finishing, shaping and drilling into acrylics. Ideal tools to product all kind of product to point of sales

Silkscreen Printing Machine


Print images on any flat surface, including materials such as acrylic, cloth, sticker and pvc.

Laser Machine


Provide 4ft x 3ft wide workmg area. Manufactured by one of the world”s leading laser manufacturer, Trotter, It offers a full scope of state-of-the art laser equipment to deliver fast, clean and quality results for a broad range of acryliC industnal laser cutting needs.

Diamond Polisher


Can be widely applied to process work pieces of large or small width without traditional processing techniques such as polishing , grinding and scraping.

Acrylic surface can reach a mirror surface with ra<0.01mm and results in an excellent finish with no defects caused by traditional techniques.

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