Utilizing the latest in fabrication technologies, we are able to build anything up to our clients’ exact specifications and requirements with much less time spent in between the design and production phase.


LED UV Inkjet Printer


Maximum printing width of 1610mm. A hybrid printer which can print onto rolled media as well as rigid media. Provides near photographic quality with white ink and clear UV Varnish to create an innovative print finishing.

UV Inkjet Flatbed Printer


4ft x 8ft dedicated flatbed with full sized vacuum table to handle almost any sheet material. It is the ultimate platform for printing o rigid, flexible and even roll media, delivering a near photographic quality across a diverse range of print applications.

Super Wide Format UV Printer


Provides a maximum printing width of 5 meters. Delivers a high quality image and when the inks set, it is able to extend its capabilities to include close-view high value prints and vibrant images for backlighting.

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